Win-Win Platform for Self-employed Small Business owners
The originality of CM Bader's barter payment system, which received the Korea Future Creation Management Award, creates a sharing economy and lowers the business closure rate in Korea.
Shared Money CM, a new concept payment system for small and medium-sized merchants who have difficulty managing their business, will achieve a win-win economy for everyone.
The CM economy will achieve various effects such as management stability, distribution, consumption, sales increase, employment stability, and job creation for small business owners.
"CMBarter." Is the new paradigm in the payment market

CMBarter is a mobile barter simple payment system that enables users to make payments of 100% value using only 10%. In trade, CMBarter is a system of exchange in which participants in a transaction directly exchange goods or services for other goods or services without money. CMBarter aims to bring back the concept of bartering, which was the first form of currency, into the digital realm of online platforms, thus becoming the 4th form of currency. CMBarter will lead the global market as the world's first barter payment system, utilizing QR code-based technology in the mobile payment industry.

CMBarter mobile barter

Reviving small businesses, Reviving the Korean economy, A prosperous life for all, Blooming brightly with CMBarter

CMBarter Korea is a comprehensive platform company that will lead the way into the future.

Management stabilization fund platform for happy store operation Co-prosperity platform that will bring life to the dying alley business district Mobile Simple Payment Platform for Barter Exchange among Small Business Owners Establishment of a network of small business owners A virtuous cycle platform that pursues horizontal shared growth


What was the reason why direct barter between individuals was not feasible?
Barter easily with CMBarter.

Challenging environment for direct barter exchange where finding a mutual exchange partner who desires what one possesses and possesses what one needs proves difficult.
Challenging environment for direct barter exchange where even if exchange partners are found, the value of the goods or services offered by each party does not align, making direct barter exchange infeasible.
Challenging environment for direct barter exchange where, even if the goods and their values align, the timing for conducting the exchange does not match, making direct barter exchange infeasible.

corporate value

20.49 billion

Korea Invention Promotion Association Corporate value 20.49 billion

CMBarter The Dramatic Increase in Survival Rate through solidarity of small merchants
"Due to the development of information technology and smartphones, the cmbarter, the Small business barter mobile simple payment service has been introduced, which will have a great impact on people's lives throughout society."

"I got the idea from the US Jewish community where they secure cash flow through barter to keep their commercial rights. I was impressed that they maintain their community very stably using multilateral barter system. I think the reason why the Jewish community is solid."

Enough feasibility now needs the change of recognition

"The government implemented numerous policy supports to foster small merchants, most of them have been loan support such as 'the Sunshine Loan', 'MISO finance' etc. In fact, this becomes another debt. Reviving small merchants must secure specific plans to help small merchants economic activities substantially and support their activity efficiently."

"Our patented "CMBarter", the Self-employed small business barter mobile simple payment service, is expected to dramatically increase the survival of poor small business merchants who have difficulty running the workplace for want of instant short-term liquidity funds in a tough economic situation. This is on the base of barter system and I am sure this method will give overall vitality to economy for the unprivileged by facilitating the flow of money, boosting domestic demand and strengthening the solidarity among small merchants."

"CMBarter" the Simple Payment Service is a new concept of payment system for purchasing and selling goods among listed members through barter, not a cash transaction, to the limits of CM(1 CM =1Won) given. CM means 'change money' and 'charge money'.

Once you become a CMBarter membership

With Change Money (CM), individuals can engage in barter exchanges using rechargeable currency, minimizing cash consumption. They can utilize the items or services they sell as a means of consumption, reducing reliance on cash transactions. By fostering a symbiotic relationship where local small businesses support each other instead of viewing each other as competitors, we can lower the closure rate and revive struggling neighborhood commercial areas. With CMBarter, businesses can increase their sales by giving and receiving CM (Change Money). This system helps reduce the burden of inventory and operational costs, leading to a happier store operation.

We invite small business owners

Bartering by CMBarter to buy what you need
and pay back with what you are selling.


Establishment of a nationwide on-line network within one year

Starting with CMBarterUSA within 2 years

As a global brand that connects with the world

As a leading barter business group in Korea, CM Barder Korea, a small business barter simple payment platform that combines Korea's advanced IT technology, will grow into a global company that will create a new history in the 21st century distribution market.

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